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What does the CDC say about Vitamin D's Critical Role for Immunity & Health?

  • Vitamin D helps the immune system resist bacteria and viruses
  • Vitamin D is required for muscle and nerve functions
  • Vitamin D builds healthy bones
42% of the USA Population is Vitamin D Deficient!

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  • Vitamin D supports the immune system & fights inflammation*
  • Vitamin D can help you lose weight*
  • Vitamin D helps strengthen muscles*
  • Vitamin D strengthens your bones*
  • Vitamin D can help strengthen oral health*
  • Vitamin D may help prevent Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes*
  • Vitamin D may help treat hypertension*
  • Vitamin D can help battle depression*
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Vitamin D3 "Good for so many health issues..."

See What Others Are Saying About D3lightful™
The best choice
I've done a lot of research on different Vitamin Dproducts and finally decided on iwalu.It is an excellent product.
- Pete
Great product no junk fillers
Quality is always a better choice. Many supplementcompanies add a bunch of junk that is not in yourbest interest to increase their profit margins. This isa high quality product that I will continue to use.
- JD Griffin
It works for me
My Vitamin D level tested low at the doctor's officeso I started taking this supplement daily for about2 months. I was just retested and am now back upinto the normal range! 
- S. Clark
Immune support!
After getting pneumonia in January of 2016, I startedtaking iwalu Vitamin D3 to boost my immunesystem. I have not been sick since then and it’s beenover a year! 
- A. C.
Great supplement
I chose iwalu D3 because of the potencyand purity of their product. I’m starting to feel better,less joint pain and more energy. Over the past coupleof months.
- Linda W.
Definitely works well!
Two winters in Alaska I determinedI was feeling effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder.So I bought thisD3 product from iwalu.It works well in abating the effects of SAD.
- Bill W.
Hurry, This offer won't last long!


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