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It’s time to fight back against anxiety, exhaustion, sleep disorders and brain fog.
  • 100% All Natural Ingredients
  • ​Boost Energy & Productivity
  • ​Enhance Focus & Memory
  • ​Counter Neuro-Decline

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How Would You Like To Feel Clear and Focused?

iwalu has blended highly effective herbal compounds that provide mental energy, physical stamina, and brain performance.* Brains Matter™ is the perfect nootropic stack.

Enjoy science backed results with clinically proven KSM66® organic ashwagandha extract, organic panax ginseng extract, organic ginkgo biloba extract, organic chaga mushroom extract, and more…

Discover how Brain’s Matter™ boosts physical and mental performance without the crash from harsh stimulants. Use it as an ultimate study aid or go get the most out of your day.

All with no prescription or side effects.*

Organic Goodness to Increase Your 
Focus, Attention 
Span, and Mental 

Give Yourself the Mental Edge!
Brains Matter is the most advanced and effective brain stack ever developed to:
  • Sharpen Focus & Clarity
  • Improve Mental Performance
  • Boost Natural Energy Levels
  • ​Reduce Stress & Anxiety Levels
  • ​Improve Memory & Recall

How Can Nootropic Brain Boosters Help Me?

With Brains Matter™ you’ll be at the top of your game. Get the most out of your day and come home with plenty of energy to enjoy time with family and friends. It improves focus and mental alertness to keep you sharp and on point. Now you can unleash your full potential with potent organic nootropics!

enhance your memory retention to improve your ability to absorb information and focus on new tasks.
Reduced stress prevents burnout and allows you to focus longer on tasks without being distracted by outside influences.
Naturally increase neurotransmitters in your brain to boost cognitive function and unlock your mind's true performance potential.

Optimize synaptic function while improving blood flow to protect your brain from neuro-degeneration and fatigue.

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Here’s What Other People are Saying
About Brains Matter™

Positive Results!
I have struggled with my attention for many years.  ...My mood has noticeably lifted and it boosts my concentration and energy. I now make it a part of my daily routine.
- Angie B.
Natural Option for ADHD
I ordered this for my son who has ADHD and he has shown big improvements! He sleeps better, has focus in doing his tasks and has a more positive mood during the day.
- Jenni M.
It Works For Me
As you get older, you tend to be grumpier, or is it just me? Lol! Nonetheless, this has proven itself to me by helping me cruise through the workday and enjoy my evenings.
- V Morin
No Side Effects
I bought this product because I needed to strengthen my memory and focus, and I wanted to be awake when I did it!
- Brant
Great Nootropic
I really like this stuff. I've been taking it for over a year. It's always made a noticeable difference especially with feeling alert.
- Greg H.
Definitely Works Well!
If you want something that will allow you to be closer to your full potential, I recommend these. I'm happy with the organic ingredients too!
- Terry C.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your product compare to prescription ADHD medications?
Brains Matter™ is a safe, natural, non-prescription, non-amphetamine, dietary supplement. Formulated with premium organic herbal extracts and highly effective Nootropics. It is formulated to support added attention, concentration, focus, and stamina without harsh caffeine stimulants. 

The formula acts to super oxygenate the brain, support the adrenals and central nervous system. Users report excellent results when taken as directed with no reported side effects.
When and how should I take this brain formula?
Always refer to the suggested use and directions on the bottle. We recommend taking it with meals. To maximize assimilation and activation of the compounds in the formula, we recommend including healthy fats in your diet: certified organic oils such as; coconut, flax, olive, and certified safe krill and fish oils. 

Feel free to contact iwalu for more support and diet tips to maximize your benefits and avoid common pitfalls that may reduce your energy, concentration and focus.
Will it help to improve my focus at work or school?
Brains Matter is formulated to nourish and super oxygenate the brain. Cellular respiration of nutrients are very important for healthy brain functions such as: creative problem solving, retaining and recalling information, empathy, motor function, and other higher thought processes. 

Essentially, the nootropic brain superfoods nourish the entire nervous system and this explains how it helps improve energy, attention, mood, memory, and focus.
Does this work in the short term?
Many users report results right away. You will experience the benefits progressively with each week of use. We recommend regular use for 60 days for maximum benefits. 

Like most supplementation, it is good to allow one "rest" day per week without intake to maintain the full effects of the formula ingredients. 

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